Dan Deacon, “Why Am I On This Cloud”

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Dan Deacon

For the fourth week of Adult Swim's Summer Single Series, Dan Deacon joins METZ, Kitty, and Run The Jewels in an already stellar run of singles. A quota is ritually met when it comes to the series and Dan's “Why Am I On This Cloud” excels, possibly to a fault.

When we hear “Why Am I On This Cloud” it feels as though it could have been more, like a Track 3 interlude on an EP setting the anticipation for a frenzied finish. Or perhaps this is the exodus song to a body of work? All we know is when we hear it, we hear potential deferred to a singular existence. It bums us out a bit. “Why Am I On This Cloud” only kinda feels like a single, while looking ahead to Friendzone collaborating with Mykki Blanco or Captain Murphy with Viktor Vaughn, it's easy to see the series' function of one-off bravado. “Why Am I On This Cloud” sounds like the next big anthemic Dan track that incites blissful chants on worldwide tour dates. And when that glitchy breakdown interrupts the chants, well that's where audiences become a unified collective of unguarded dance maniacs. The Dan man deserves the Adult Swim approval and he met their gold standard, but we hope “Why Am I On This Cloud” becomes more than a song from that summer of 2013.

Stream and download “Why Am I On This Cloud” at Adult Swim.