Danny Brown is still the most quotable MC

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danny brown

The rapper with comedic timing is a lost art. I'm noticing a serious lacking in humor from the rap community. Oddly enough, it's Detroit that always seems to come through with the most creative-minded punchline rappers. Danny Brown joins a highly-decorated list of Detroit MCs with a sick sense of funny.

Danny Brown stole the show on “Black & Brown” off Black Milk's Album Of The Year – which wasn't too difficult considering Milk dropped the cliched “save the game like a memory card” line. Basically, Brown didn't have to bring his A-game, but he did and hopefully it leads to more exposure. It's not often you hear rappers rhyming “perogie,” let alone seamlessly flipping it with references to the Kirby video game character, Shinobi and Axel Foley of Beverly Hills Cop.

Brown recently remixed Camu Tao's “Actin' A Ass,” which was bound to happen considering that's what Brown does best. He delivered the LOLz with “I said you rap niggas gay like that nigga Quddus.” It's a time capsule-type reference that has me wondering if Danny Brown happenstance found an old verse he wrote in '03 or if he wrote it recently and is just that deep with his pop culture. Poor Quddus, he's probably not gay, just Canadian.

Danny Brown, “Actin' A Ass” (Camu Tao Remix)