Danny Brown's modus operandi

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Danny Brown

It's on the verge of happening for Danny Brown. For those who've been following the Hybrid for the past year, perhaps even longer, wondering why artists like Lil' B and OFWGKTA are trending hard, while Brown goes overlooked, that era is on the outs.

In the past month Danny Brown received a Fader video interview, LA Times interview and rumors are circulating that he might sign to G-Unit. These are the co-signs that guarantee Brown a shot at the big leagues. But before things change and we have to pay $11.99 for a Brown record, he dropped “Radio Head” on his Twitter. Produced by LA Low End Theorist Samiyam, “Radio Head” is an off-kilter piano interlude with drums that crunch like the Captain's cereal. After video popped up on Blu's New World Color blog of Brown kicking it in LA, it seems he was hella productive in the lotus land and making good friends in music.

It's expected that Brown will earn a few chuckles over his one-liners, but “Radio Head” is nearly on par with the excellence he showcased on “Black and Brown” from Black Milk's Album Of The Year. The crawling Samiyam production creates plenty of space for Brown to operate as he floats in and out of dense word play like, “blowing on the candy / modus operandi / Adderalls and Xanies / always come in handy” to “got these bitches charging head first like rhino / remember when they used to rock bandannas with the rhinestones / now they lookin' like they shitted out a pine cone.” As impressive as Brown's slant rhymes are, it's all about his “wetter than some whale piss” line.

Danny Brown, “Radio Head”