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As psychedelia continues to infiltrate hip hop, Dark Time Sunshine pin the dark arts of Grayskul to the hemp headband to an experienced skull – the journey is a hard trip.

Last year Onry Ozzborn of Grayskul/Oldominion and Zavala, a producer from Chicago, released the first Dark Time Sunshine album Believeyoume as a free download on Fake Four Inc. The duo return with Vessels, an album sent to collect mystic journeyman ready to wake up from a sleeper's life. “All Aboard,” which features vocalist Reva Devito (please be Danny's daughter), is in orbit as rapid fire bleeps and crystallized synths explore the expanse. But in all this head-in-the-clouds sound, it's Zavala's use of organic drum breaks that keep our feet on the ground. Whoever called this group “Psychedelic Gangstarr” nailed it. The foundation following the duo is strong company as P.O.S., Aesop Rock, Qwel and Solillaquists of Sound make appearances.

The only thing I'm not feeling here is the use of an alternate identity by Onry Ozzborn. Seriously, you're calling yourself Cape Cowen when recording for this project? That's some overthought, hella kitschy '01 backpacker shit. Stick to being Onry Ozzborn and focus on the raps, son.

Vessel is out April 20 on Fake Four Inc.

Dark Time Sunshine, “All Aboard”

Dark Time Sunshine, “Primor” feat. P.O.S., PeeGee 13, DJ Zone,
& Aesop Rock