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It is nearly impossible to suspect what director David Lynch is doing in the shadows, or whether his absence is a sign of potential experimental history waiting to crawl out of its womb. Further exploring an eerily relative direction, Lynch announced the release of Crazy Clown Time, a full length album capable of out-frightening even the scariest perpetuators jocking his preferred dark trend.

The 14-track release, out November 8 on Sunday Best Recordings, has Lynch creating music on his own, for its own, and by its own. The sound designer becomes musician when Lynch performs vocals with pop sincerity layered atop menacingly industrial guitars. Although previously collaborating with Angelo Badalamenti for many of his acclaimed projects, the director digresses from musical soundscape and instead chooses to create an album of typical Lynchian melancholic, bucolic charm enveloped in a sense of self-awareness. From the industrial heaviness and sugarcoated darkness of already released “Good Day Today” and “I Know,” the tracks show a range of genres painted black with potential to tell scarier stories than those on film. Crazy Clown Time may be a spooky venture into a new dimension but is doubtfully as scary as the popping heads of Eraserhead that I prefer never to talk about ever again.

Crazy Clown Time track list:

01. “Pinky’s Dream”
02. “Good Day Today”
03. “So Glad”
04. “Noah’s Ark”
05. “Football Game”
06. “I Know”
07. “Strange and Unproductive Thinking”
08. “The Night Bell With Lightning”
09. “Stone’s Gone Up”
10. “Crazy Clown Time”
11. “These Are My Friends”
12. “Speed Roadster”
13. “Movin’ On”
14. “She Rise Up”