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Like any great American pastime, it's best observed with a cold, slightly watery alcoholic beverage presumably brewed in the Rockies. Summer means baseball, just like summer means heat and drinking beer to combat the heat. Seattle punk band Dead Bars grew up fans of the sport in New Jersey and continue to observe the pastime as Mariners fans. On “Los Marineros” Dead Bars regale the listener of one fateful day in their past when the the effects of beer consumption hindered one of the most exciting elements of the game, only to be heard behind concrete walls, sequestered to a pissing trough.

As you'll read in our interview with John Maiello, “Los Marineros” is about more than baseball. Decisions will always come with consequences and vices tend to intensify those consequences. Maiello might not have missed that homerun were it not for those stadium cups of Coors Light. It's enough to make him wonder what else he's missed due to timing, luck, or just poor decision making. “Los Marineros” is a romping punk song, one that inspires stadium-ready root-root-rooting for the home team, while not sacrificing its merits. Dead Bars might be able to get their song inducted into the Mariners' clubhouse playlist, much like the Dropkick Murphys are a favorite at Fenway, but for now their song exists as an ode to wishful thinking.

Being that originally from New Jersey, are you devoted Mariners fans or do you also harbor allegiance for a baseball team closer to your home state?

I still consider myself a Yankees fan. I grew up going to Yankees games with my Dad, and I still love following them. The Mariners are my hometown team though. It's just fun. I can walk to Safeco Field in 10 minutes and spend 12 dollars on a ticket.

“Los Marineros” seems to be written after a true to life experience, based on the lyric “you got a home run while I was gone in the bathroom.” So can we get the details to the story here?

That song is definitely based on a true story about going to a Mariners game on Cinco de Mayo. All of the players were wearing uniforms that said “Marineros.” I don't really remember what was going on, if they were winning or losing, but I left my seats to use the bathroom and all of a sudden I heard a huge cheer from the crowd. Someone got a home run. I missed it. I was bummed. Then, I realized that I've missed out on a lot of cool things over the years because I was just being dumb and pissing away the time either metaphorically, or in this case literally. That song is about trying to make the future better than the past.

Currently the Mariners are sitting right around .500. What's your take on the season thus far and what story lines have grabbed your interest?

I love how all our good pitching prospects were injured. That's classic. I also like Brad Miller because he doesn't wear any batting gloves. That's punk rock.

Are there any plans to put “Los Marineros” in the ears of the front office and hope that it garners a similar unofficial clubhouse song, much like the Dropkick Murphys and Boston Red Sox?

I don't know. I'll hit them up on Twitter.

What's your fondest memory of watching a Mariners game? Whether it was one you attended or if it was at home or at a bar. Your choice.

I got on TV right behind the plate of a Ken Griffey Jr. at bat in 2010, which was his last season. There is a still shot of it somewhere. That was pretty fucking cool.


Any suggestions you want to put out into the world regarding what the Mariners can do to improve their season?

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