Debut: High Castle, “Super Gu”

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High Places cover art

This Oakland band released their debut record, Spirit of the West, in the summer, but we're just hearing it now. “Super Gu” is the last track, and it's fast and spastic, with a throbbing, shouted chorus and stabbing guitar. The cover art is by guitarist Erin Allen, who was started the group Child Pornography, the band you can't google without getting on a watch list. He was also was apparently in LA noise band Gang Wizard before getting kicked out, a fact proudly noted in the press release. And these cats are angry – the song is all about kicking someone out who is dissing your steez: “I wouldn’t piss on you if your heart was on fire / what the world needs right now/ is one where you’re not around”.

High Castle, “Super Gu”