Del & Tame One make a record… on weed (gasp!)

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Both Del the Funkee Homosapien and Tame One have been shadows of the dopeness they represented. Del's The Stimulus Package and whatever the fuck Tame has been doing (Slow Suicide Stimulus?), were disappointing. End of story.

Yet this feels like a return to form for both parties. When the news of a collaboration album first dropped, it seemed like another “when pig's fly” record, but this is actually happening and it's got serious promise.

Del & Tame One, “Special”

Damn, Tame is killing it, “you get a pat on your back with a circle rug / while my purple bud got me blowing golden rings for turtle doves / I never heard of you scrubs / I drop the top on you convertible thugs.”

Parallel Uni-Verses album out October 13 on Gold Dust.