Deniro Farrar releases new mixtape, The Patriarch

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Everyone's always associating Deniro Farrar with up-and-coming producer Ryan Hemsworth, and they're doing it with good reason. Their collaboration on the remix for Grimes' “Genesis” was an astounding success, giving notoriety to both the producer and the rapper. But it's about time that Deniro Farrar takes some of the shine for himself. Today the Charlotte, NC rapper released a new full-length mixtape to his Bandcamp entitled The Patriarch and with one of the doper album covers we've seen yet this year. His rapping is effortless and direct, like emerging from a cloud of warm smoke, and with production credits from the likes of Friendzone, K20, and the esteemed Ryan Hemsworth himself, it's already a guaranteed heavy banger around these parts. You can listen to the whole thing at this link, and download it by naming your own price.

Here's the collab track, “Big Tookie,” that Farrar and Hemsworth worked on for this tape. Both dudes will be at SxSW and we've listed their shows here. Wanna know what you're in store for? Check out our Hemsworth live review here. Links galore.