LRN GRN, “Imagined Pontoon”

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Texas musician Lauren Green’s psychedelic, shoegaze-y solo project, simply called LRN GRN, is about to release a new EP on Manimal subsidiary Loose Recordings. Her fresh single, “Imagined Pontoon,” is a three-minute slice of a daydream, crafted from clouds, cooing, pretty vocals, and a Twin Peaks synth beat. Like a little bit of afternoon delight, “Imagined Pontoon” is the sort of song that inspires a quick slip away, drifting softly through the air to land easy on the ears.

Green writes, performs, and records everything in LRN GRN, but also plays and sings with the more heavy Mirror Travel. Both local bands will play SXSW shows this week, with LRN GRN playing Charm School Vintage on Saturday.

The “Imagined Pontoon” single is available now on vinyl from Loose Recordings, and Green’s Grape Perfume EP is due out on March 26.