Devonwho and Swarvy are two L.A. beatmaker friends

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Devonwho Lyon

Leaving Records is having a strong start to 2016. The underground mainstay has overseen the release of 11 projects so far, including two cassette EPs by Devonwho and Swarvy, released last week. Disparate sonic experiences are displayed on the recordings, a testament to the stable’s versatility.

Devonwho‘s “Lyon”, the eponymous cut from his EP of the same name, is a syrupy, downtempo take on electro-funk. The two minute track feels like it could rise to another notch, but stays honed in on a velvety, luxurious synth that masterfully transfixes. The lead synth is met by secondary melodies that bellow and chirp about the proceedings before the song abruptly stops.

Swarvy‘s “Spam Grease” featuring keyboardist Kiefer Shackelford, is a rich jazz hop number from his Elderberry CS. The track relies on a warm organ loop and a crisp snare before Shackelford jumps into the proceedings. “Spam Grease” feels like a twilight, with the fluttering keys symbolizing the last rays of sun sprinkling against your skin.

Elderberry is Swarvy’s first release for the label, while Devonwho’s full-length project will be released later this year. Both cassettes are available now. You can stream “Lyon” and “Spam Grease” below.