Diamond Terrifier, “Two Witnesses” and “Three Things”

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Sam Hillmer of Diamond Terrifier

Diamond Terrifier is the solo project of a tall, grandiloquent, bearded, ginger saxaphonist named Sam Hillmer. He is also in the band Zs, and has been playing as an avant-saxaphonist for many years. Northen Spy Records, the imprint of the equally tall and sometimes equally bearded Colin Langenus, is doing a monthly download-only singles series and has put up two Diamond Terrifier tracks recently, “Two Witnesses” and “Three Things!”. A record is due out September 2012 and is titled KILL THE SELF THAT WANTS TO KILL YOUR SELF; it is to be produced by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear.


Diamond Terrifier “Two Witnesses” by Northern Spy Records

THREE THINGS! by Diamond Terrifier