Dirty Ghosts get remixed by Mikey Young

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Dirty Ghost

Mikey Young of Total Control got ahold of the stems of Dirty Ghosts “Ropes That Way”, the opening cut off DG's Metal Moon LP. The Aesop Rock produced original, hones in on fuzztones and a chilling back beat. Mikey Young brushes the dirt off “Ropes That Way” with the crystalline shimmer of synths. The fuzzy hum of the heavy bass remains, but all the sheen and fondness for Allyson Baker's “do-do-do-dos” sends his remix into synth pop territory. It's an unexpected style, considering Young's band operates the language of Wire and motorik.

Dirty Ghosts, “Ropes That Way” (Mikey Young Remix)</p>

Dirty Ghosts' Metal Moon LP is out now on Last Gang.