Dog Bite, Under The Sun Mixtape

Michael Giordano

After releasing the first single from their upcoming LP, former Washed Out keyboardist Phil Jones and the rest of Dog Bite offer fans a rare and pleasant glimpse into their creative drive with a thirty-minute mix of personal influences. It just so happens that the songs on the playlist might be the best retro soul and funk you’ve never heard. The majority of the names on the list have long been lost into mid-20th century obscurity but, with a little re-mastering magic from Dog Bite, if their songs were to be released today, they’d surely give their musical descendents a run for their money. Featuring some recognizable names such as Dorothy Ashby, Betty Wright, and The Moments, the mixtape brings modern soul back to its much longed-for roots.

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Dog Bite's Tranquilizers LP is out January 21 on Car Park Records.

1. Franz Auffray – Son of Popcorn
2. Byrdie Green – Return of the Prodigal Son
3. Anthony Rocky Ellis & Sound Dimension – I'm the ruler
4. Dorothy Ashby – The Windmills Of Your Mind
5. The Moments – I've Got To Keep On Loving You
6. Lezli Valentine – I Won't Do Anything
7. Betty Wright – Circle Of Heart Breaks
8. Penny Carter – He Can't Hurt Me No More
9. Carlton & The Shoes – Never Give Your Heart Away
10. Duke Daniels – This Is The End

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