Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, “A Sculpture, Georges?”

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nna tapes

In a twelve-minute, heavy-moving new track from Belgium's Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, the big surprise comes from finding eroticism in eerieness. While the composition swells with ambient and scratchy noise, Félicia Atkinson (the French artist behind the moniker), finds space to whisper in several layers of nuance in search of the sculpter or a sculpture Georges. In the background, European police vehicles erupt with their distinct noise and blaring, that then give way to more pleading whispering from Atkinson. It rings of the desperation of Sophie Calle's The Address Book and feels fittingly sexualized as it ends in shaky static silence.

You can stream “A Sculpture, Georges?” below, then head to NNA Tapes for Those Vermillion Sands, out now.