Dog Party, “How Are You Doing”

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When Daft Punk put out a fifteen-second promo of “Get Lucky” in anticipation of their grandiose new record, superfans took it upon themselves to loop that fifteen seconds of disco into a ten-minute track. Daft Punk isn't really my thing, but Dog Party certainly is, and if I had the wits and the skill, I'd be taking this 44-second punk-rock anthem and turn into a four-hour clip for the heaps of DP fans that I know are out there, waiting. This short track is scuzzy, fun, and crisply paced, and with a lighthearted vocal that jumps through overdubs happily, the topics of being cold at the movie theater and parsing through small talk have never sounded more compelling. And the greatest part about having a song under one minute? There's more to come. Dog Party's third full-length, Lost Control, comes out on August 13 through Asian Man Records. Stream “How Are You Doing” below and then catch the duo on the tail end of their tour across the States.

02 – Chicago, IL @ The Township w/ Kepi<br />
03 – Appleton, WI @ Fox River House w/ Kepi
04 – Annondale, MN @ The Roadhouse w/ Kepi
06 – Great Falls, MT @ Machinery Row w/ Kepi
07 – Spokane, WA @ Time Bomb w/ Kepi
08 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon w/ Kepi
09 – Bremerton, WA @ The Charleston w/ Kepi
10 – Portland, OR @ Katie O'Briens w/ Kepi