Dome of Doom drop Mixtape_003

Blake Gillespie

Los Angeles tape label Dome of Doom has gathered the creators once again for its third edition to the collective mixtape. Mixtape_003 enters on a somber note as Dream Panther provides the backdrop to Deniro Farrar’s tragic tales of street life. It’s a heavy entry that’s alleviated with each passing contribution to the mix as beat technicians like Eraseface, ELOS, and Linafornia find the head nod factor.

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The Los Angeles production pool sees the dawn of new species every year, each with hints of its predecessor, but always with a mutation in the genome. Listening to the Dome of Doom tape is microscope to the sample of the sprouting generation that will carry the torch for years to come.

Mixtape_003 tracklisting:
01 Dream Panther, “Crack Dealers Nightmare 1984” feat. Deniro Farrar
02 Space Gang, “Long Dreamer”
03 Space Gang, “Jugg’n” [Wylie Cable Edit]
04 Eraserfase, “Sapphire”
05 Eraserfase, “Money”
06 ELOS, “Face”
07 Linafornia, “Mafmaticbapp”
08 Eraserfase, “Serious”
09 ELOS, “Angular”
10 Space Gang, “Milk & Honey”
11 Sit, “Kabo_4”
12 Lost Midas, “Love Undone” feat. Taylor O’Donnell
13 Sit, “Gram(my)s_2”
14 Gnome Beats, “Gnome UNTLD_3”
15 Gnome Beats, “Gnome UNTLD_2”
16 Mala, “Changes” (James Blake Harmonimix)
17 Sit, “Gake5_2”
18 Stevie Schmidt, “idontcareanymore”
19 Linafornia, “Dot Wav” feat. DeviWonder
20 Milo & Busdriver, “Least Favorite Rapper” [prod. by ELOS]
21 Sit, “Pint of Moonlk”
22 John Knot, “Dolphins Fucking Love Me”
23 Ahee, “Kru Mes Lo” [remix]
24 Quantic, “Absence Heard, Presence Felt”
25 Erykah Badu, “The Healer” [Cazal Organizm remix]
26 Sit, “Nokali_2”
27 Sit, “Aip_3”
28 Phedee, “Yung”

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