Domo Genesis teams up with The Alchemist

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No Idols

I don't mind eating my words when it's due to a rapper or producer proving there's plenty of gas left in the tank despite my suspicions things were running on E. Maybe its the influx of impressive and creatively minded rappers, maybe its the presence of producers like Harry Fraud tredding on his territory, whatever gave The Alchemist this second (possibly third?) wind, I tip my hat in recognition and appreciation.

It began with “Flight Confirmation” off Russian Roulette and it continues with his collaborative record with Domo Genesis entitled No Idols. On “Elimination Chamber”, The Alc and Domo invite Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt and Action Bronson into an LA noir nightmare for some old fashioned braggadoccio. Domo kicks it off as though he broke out of a 2-year smoker's haze for a 16 of pure clarity that at its most impressive tangent finds the thread between “use a rubber” and “see the deacon, you stupid sucker”. Vince Staples continues his tear of late by assuring us he's talking about Halle and not Brent when it comes to the Berry in the passenger seat, but it's Brent and Brett when it comes to shooting. Action Bronson puts the final nail in the coffin as the Boss at the end of a Nintendo game.

Domo Genesis & The Alchemist' No Idols is out soon.