Goner Fest Lineup Announced

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Gonerfest is a smart festival. It avoids being lumped in with the “summer festivals” by taking place in late September, 27-30 to be exact. And it doesn't worry about trying to “diversify” it's lineup with bands that don't make sense: this is all punk, or pop-punk, or power-pop, or country-punk, which are the genres the record store and label itself specializes in. The other thing that is great is that hardly any of the bands are from Memphis. In a smaller city, even one with a crazy and legendary music scene, you end up seeing all the same bands all the time, but Goner has made sure that most of these groups are from out of town, making it a must for any local within a 100-mile radius. Here's the full schedule: Highlights include Slug Guts, the Spits, the Hussy, Nobunny, and White Mystery! Tickets for the whole fest are just $60.

9/27 – Thursday Afternoon
Opening Ceremonies
@ The Gazebo
Monsieur Jeffrey
Evans (Memphis, TN)
9/28 – Friday Afternoon
@ The Buccaneer
The Hussy (Madison, WI)
No Bails (Kalamazoo, MI)
Toxie (Memphis, TN)
Anomalys (Amsterdam, Holland)
Johnny Lowebow (Memphis, TN)
9/29 – Saturday Afternoon
@ Murphy's
Legs (TN / TX)
White Mystery (Chicago, IL)
Ryan Rousseau (Tempe, AZ)
Cecilia & Sauerkrauts
(Paris, France / Portland, OR)
Lenguas Largas (Tucson, AZ)
Native Cats (Hobart,Tasmania)
Chemicals (Portland, OR)
Jack Of Heart (Perpignan, France)
Chicken Snake (Staunton, VA)
Detonations (AZ / LA)
9/30 – Sunday Afternoon
Closing Ceremonies
@ The Gazebo
Rev. John Wilkins
(Memphis, TN)
9/27 – Thursday Night
@ The Hi-Tone
Oblivians (Memphis, TN)
Golden Boys (Austin, TX)
Heavy Times (Chicago, IL)
Slug Guts (Brisbane, Australia)
Moving Finger (Memphis, TN)
9/28 – Friday Night
@ The Hi-Tone
Nobunny (Rabbithole, USA)
River City Tanlines (Memphis, TN)
Bits Of Shit (Melbourne,
Gary Wrong Group (Mobile, AL)
Bad Sports (Denton, TX)
Nots (Memphis, TN)
9/29 – Saturday Night
@ The Hi-Tone
Spits (Outer Space)
Mad Macka (Brisbane, Australia)
Personal & The Pizzas (Pepperoni, NJ)
Persuaders (New Orleans, LA)
Ex-Cult (Memphis, TN)
Konks (Boston, MA)
9/30 – Sunday Night
@ The Buccaneer
No Bands!
No Bands!