Three Tracks from Blanche Blanche Blanche's Papa's Proof

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In the time it took us to go through the famous “Five Steps of Discovering a Great Band” (1. “Exuberance”, 2. “Secret-Keeping”, 3. “Broadcasting”, 4. “Collusion”, 5. “Pitchfork”), we nearly skipped over the fact that Sarah Smith and Zach Phillips, the pair behind our beloved Blanche Blanche Blanche, released ANOTHER full length record on French label La Station Radar. They helpfully put some tracks up for us to check out and share with you. “The game” is the starter to the record, and it features a really lovely almost a-capella vocal harmony to start it up, backed by a crunchy guitar solo, but at 0:45 it brings in the whole “orchestra”, so to speak. Track two, “The North Cave” is a bit of an arrhythmic lament on insecurity, with Smith's vocals darting in and out of the music. The vocals exude one of the best aspects of the band in this track: brutal honesty. When Sarah sings “I can't admit/ I started smoking here again/Maybe I will die/but the smoking's right”, and then later “Baby, that's life”, it's the same self-confession that many of us have made in our lives; is the smoking worse than whatever you are smoking to avoid? The last track on this player is actually the seventh track on the record and the title track. In it. the band gets as big as they ever sound, turning on all the synths and jamming them simultaneously, to dramatic effect.

You can buy Papa's Proof on La Station Radar now.