Domo Genesis, Under The Influence

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under the influence

Few surprises from OFWGKTA's resident pothead Domo Genesis yesterday. His mixtape is called Under The Influence. It was released at 4:20p.m. He's getting lifted on the album cover. He kindly requested that his twitter followers get lifted to his new shit. The mixtape was trending worldwide within hours of the link going live – those kids make it look so simple, right?

Under The Influence is Domo going in over some of his all-time favorite beats, which include Scarface's “Guess Who's Back”, Kanye's “We Major” , Mobb Deep's “Hell On Earth” and Snoop Dogg's “Boss' Life”. If you're an old dude, right now you are either thinking “More Clouds” is Common's “Bitch In Yoo” or Organized Konfusion's “Why?”. Wrong on both accounts, it's just a beat produced by Hannibal King.

Domo Genesis is not ashamed of being a pot-smoking lover of Pokemon, openly discussing the Japan-anime cartoon in interviews. He takes his love a step further with “Smokemon”, which borrows the theme-song to Pokemon. We are at a loss of words for this one. You'll have to listen for yourself.

Download Under The Influence here.

Domo Genesis, “More Clouds” (feat. Remy Banks)