Donato Epiro, Sounding the Sun

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Donato Epiro, Sounding the Sun

Donato Epiro isn't a hippy, he's an Italian guy with some tabla chops.

He is trying to get in touch with the big hot circle in the sky on his latest CD-R, out on Stunned Records.

You can help him.

All it takes is blasting these tracks. If enough people do it at once, the life-giving ball of fire up above might hear, and respond with a coy eclipse, or an irradiating solar flare, or maybe it will just slowly fade to grey, because these tracks are like opiates.

“Fiume Negro” is the densest and most compact of the album's seven tracks, while “Fantasma Di Una Pulce” is perhaps its most melancholic and breezy. In between there are forays into Raga-inspired tabla and flute meditations, avant escapism through clattering percussion and unhinged flute and guitar, and thick sound manipulation (see “Fiume Negro” for that).