Doppelgangaz, “Dopp Halloween Mix”

Blake Gillespie

When rap duo Doppelgangaz first broke on our radar, Matter Ov Fact and EP wore black cloaks not as a mere visual aid, but as a lifestyle and pushing slang like “cloaked out.” The cloaks have disappeared from the press photos surrounding the group’s recent full length Peace Kehd, but sonically the cloaked mentality remains the ghastly duo’s lifeblood.

With these ties to costumes in mind, I tapped Doppelgangaz for a Friday Night Mix, naturally. The duo responded with a rap mix that digs through the catalogs of rap’s unstable sons like Big L and Necro, and the more deranged explorations of Method Man and Big Pun. For those that recall Tical 2000: Judgment Day, “Halloween-themed” is the clearest justification for the leather-daddy meets steam-punk outcast look that Method Man adorned for that record.

The group provided the following explanation for their mix:

Didn’t want to go the Halloween inspired route fully. Made sure to put “Thriller” on there though. DUH! Really wanted to put creepy shet [sic], haunting sounding stuff and music we could imagine ourselves egging people with. On Halloween, we were kinda reckless. We’d egg people, put shaving cream on unsuspecting trick or treaters, TP trees and light them on fire, throw rocks at cop cars (don’t ask why) and even worse, put piss in super soakers and yes, spray people with it. This is the mix you can do that to. Or nah.

01 Bob James, “Valley of The Shadows”
02 2Pac, “Hail Mary”
03 Notorious B.I.G., “You’re Nobody¬†”
04 Lil B The Basedgod, “Got The Mack Loaded”
05 Method Man, “Dangerous Grounds”
06 Michael Jackson, “Thriller”
07 Travi$ Scott, “Don’t Play”
08 Big L, “Da Graveyard”
09 Big Pun, “Leather Face”
10 Busta Rhymes, “Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad”
11 Necro, “Scumbags”

Doppelgangaz’ music can be found at the group’s Bandcamp.

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