Stream Graveface Records’ Halloween Mix

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Of all of the characters that run the Allhallowee’en gamut, Graveface Records’ Halloween Mix is a goblin, a kooky and magical, yet secretly mischievous and malicious midget-sized “NOW That’s What I Call ‘80s” lovin’ goblin.

The GFR mix combines tastes to satisfy just about every pumpkin-primed palate. Here, you will find cuts by Rockwell, Whodini, and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince to compliment the dude who wore the Teen Wolf costume to the party alongside the Misfits, Christian Death, and Macbre who’s shit-kicking tunes might sound more appropriate on Mischief Night (or Devil’s Night), the evening before Halloween where teenagers pull pranks and vandalize their neighborhoods.

Graveface has no problem with creepy though; they do not resort to cheap and easy “pop-out, jump-out-of-your-seat-inducing” moments on the playlist (probably because it’s rather difficult to do so with solely audio), only slow, methodical dolly shots that never reveal what lingers just off screen courtesy of the main themes from Day of the Dead, Friday the 13th, and Twilight Zone. Gather around the stereo with the lights off and a flashlight in hand, listen, and regale a scary story to your friends or Graveface themselves.

Stream the spooky mix below and leave a message at the label’s office recalling your most bone-chilling of tales at 256-344-7283.