Download/stream Ryan Hemsworth's Still Awake EP

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When remixing king and perennial Internet sweetheart Ryan Hemsworth released a track from his forthcoming EP, Still Awake, last week, we knew something was different. He was taking a noticably sweeter, more digi-inspired vibe—less direct cuts from rap songs, more of a syrupy goodness pop music vibe. He's barreling down a summer stream in Japan and making us all cry a little bit in the process. Now that the full EP is released, we see that we couldn't be more right about his deepening emo vibes: the first track is called “Empty Thoughts Over A Shallow Ocean”. Obviously, we are feeling it. The whole thing is available to download for free here and with it comes a sweet note from Hemsworth and some sensual photos, as well as a great remix by Taquwami of the first single, “Perfectly”.

Incidently, because so many people are trying to cop this bad boy, Hemsworth threw the whole thing on a SoundCloud stream, so check it below if the DL doesn't work for you.

Here's the track list:

1. Empty Thoughts Over A Shallow Ocean
2. Perfectly
3. (。◕‿◕。) (or, I Want To Stare At Your Face Until I Die)
4. Mistakes To Make
5. track 5 (crashed) N.B.: This title I'm assuming comes from when Logic/ProTools crashes your fucking file and you have to take the new file title with this addendum.
6. All Our Thoughts Are Physical
7. Perfectly (Taquwami Remix)