Weval, “The Most (David Douglas Remix)”

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Taken from their brand new Half Age EP, Netherlands dance duo Weval get even more out of their cut, “The Most” in our premiere of Atomnation labelmate David Douglas's remix. The Dutch duality of Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers brought their musical passions together initially through collaborative cinema work that found them operating on a common level of experimenting with beat-based crafts. Coolen's talents traverse the jazz and dance side of things, while Albers specializes in bringing back that beloved trip-hop sound that has helped to construct the millennial mental state of today's EDM trends. But as reconstruction is the nature of the digital and electronic mediums, Douglas replants the musical seeds of “The Most” to bring out the substantial drum and bass understatements into a larger, more effective and immediate audio arena.

David takes that brief rusted brass occurrence that appears toward the end of Harm and Merijn's original, and gives it's catchy sound a central focus. The experimental acid-jazz percussive structure is overhauled in favor of a larger discotheque schematic. Left in the mix are the the atmospheric remnants that live within the new forms of rhythm. In the brief beat breakdown the organic sounds of pouring water rise to the surface before the horn samples brings you back to the remix's conclusion chapter.

And with all reconfigurations, the central bass line of Weval's “The Most” stays the same while the dub ambiance transforms into a new technocratic guise of command. Albers and Coolen employment of vocal echos gives the track an introverted quality that invites the listener to look inside the track's components and facets of production. Douglas spins around those elemental audio stems to function in a format of concision that groups together the track's most active sounds that dance around the listener in the extroversion of club courageousness.

Weval’s Half Age EP is available now from Atomnation.