Dr. Dre proves Detox not a myth

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dr. dre and jay-z

The photo of Jay-z and Dr. Dre leaning over a sound board put our curiosities at full tilt and desires for sustainable Detox release date at a four alarm blaze. That was many moons ago, furthering the high tides and low tides of Detox news.

Wednesday everything changed. A presumably rough version of “Under Pressure” leaked, causing an airborne epidemic on our blogosphere. Co-produced by Scott Storch, “Under Pressure” is Dr. Dre spitting thuggish paranoia ticks written by a well-paid ghostwriter (possible collaborative writing by Eminem and Sauce Money?) and Jay-Z scrolled through his Blackberry newsfeed, freestyling the headlines into punchlines. It felt incomplete and it was confirmed as so. Still, club goers are going to be going off the deep end to this song for the next two years, that is when(if) the song is(ever) finished. All download links have been squelched, but “Under Pressure” is still streaming in a few hip hop locales.

The aspect of the major single leak process I find most intriguing is the inevitable rapefest of the instrumental by the mixtape circuit. Crooked I lurked the fuck out of “Under Pressure,” proving he got his freestyle out the same day by shouting out Tupac's birthday. Pending we don't lose interest, we will try to keep this post updated with the potential ongoing “Under Pressure” freestyle drop to see if it surpasses “A Mili.” Although, it's been two days and Crooked I is still the only one to bite.

Crooked I, “Under Pressure Freestyle”