Dr Orange – “Take”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Liverpool musician drops raw & infectious new single

Singer-songwriter Dr Orange (Real name Chas Moody) has been obsessed with the sounds of authentic U.K. rock since a young age. Growing up in the legendary musical city of Liverpool, he was constantly surrounded by a rich and varied music culture, which informed his creative vision for his Dr Orange project. 

Produced alongside legendary Liverpudlian producer Jon Withnall (Coldplay, Rhianna, The Coral), his new single “Take” gloriously leans on different generations of British indie music. There’s layers of synths lifted straight from the ’90s in addition to a thick haze of fuzz-driven old school riffs throughout. The track is a guitar music throwback with a production standard that’s uniquely modern.

“This single very much feels like the natural conclusion to the previous two releases,” Moody shared. “It started life as the seven minute love child of Jim Morrison and a ’70s horror soundtrack but somehow managed to find its feet as a short electronic-fuzz hitter. It’s soul and it’s rock and roll, jumping out of nowhere and going somewhere else – to me it’s pure sex.”

Give it a spin below.