Dre Dollasz, "OneOfOne"

Post Author: Andre G

For the past five years, Dre Dollasz has been developing a synth-driven, trap-leaning sound that pulls influences from 90’s R&B to anime. He infuses true arrangement to his production with songs like “Positive Hues” that take the listener on a sonic journey while he spits thoughtful rhymes about his artistic journey. With Dollasz, it seems a matter of when, not if he will further ascend as a producer.
He’s aiming to do that with his cleverly titled Dollar General project, which will be released later this year. He released his “No Time” single in October, and after a considerable amount of time has dropped his newest single, the thumping “OneOfOne.” Over a thick, Dollasz affirms his solitary greatness, which was achieved by “movin’ in my lane, shootin’ shots in my range.”
“OneOfOne” carries an inspirational message for anyone too busy to see their own light. Of the record’s conception, Dollasz says over e-mail that, “I know who I am and where I wanna be in life. In that pursuit I find myself creating a whole sector for myself that no one can duplicate. That made me want to make this record because I feel we all should feel that way. This is for the people to know: there’s only one of you, one shot, so make it last. ”
Dollasz is still crafting Dollar General to be a lasting effort upon its Spring release. You can listen to “OneOfOne” below.