Dres remains forever luvlee

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dres of black sheep

Dres is a grown man, who is no longer haunted by nightmares of thuggery that cause him to wake up in a cold sweat. These days he's concerned with remaining forever luvlee in the eyes of his peers.

Black Sheep have been relatively quiet since the early 90's, but if you heard Dres' “Jazz” tribute on J. Period's The [Abstract] Best mixtape dedication to Q-Tip, hopes of new Black Sheep material have been running high. Dres kills his verse with lines like, “with movement that's adjacent to the one that's most anointed / with an L in both hands, I be the one that's double jointed” and “This there and what's here, it don't move me / Ya'll act like you ain't seen the end to this movie /Yo these cats are fergalicious and proud / I quiver / They won't even understand what I deliver.”

Aging like wine, Dres is intent on proving his lovely style and it's eternal flame. On “Forever Luvlee” Dres spits a tongue-in-cheek verse to denounce his fictitious baller status, then flips the style on its head, delivering a braggadocio verse about his appreciation for the little things in life like hot sauce, sweet Kool-Aid and rocking house slippers outside the crib.

Black Sheep's From the Black Pool of Genius: The Prelude EP is out December 1, followed by a full-length in the spring of 2010.

Black Sheep, “Forever Luvlee”