Scumbag Funk vol. 2

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the sheen bros, scumbag funk

The Sheen Bros have dropped another greasy-spoon mix of polyester collar popping funk.

The Rub's Cosmo Baker and Toronto producer/MC 4th Pyramid came up with the concept of a duo of slicked-out sleazesters tuned into the
greasy funk and drippy disco sounds that make girls lose control and
guys feel like macks. Thus The Sheen Bros.

They just dropped their second Scumbag Funk mix and posted it for free download, and since tonight is the release party at Plan B in New York City, we wanted to share the funk. Here's an excerpt from the 40-minute mix, which you can download in its entirety here.

The Sheen Bros., “Scumbag Funk Vol. 2 (excerpt)”