Duke01 & Uncommon Nasa inject yr stereo with steroids

Blake Gillespie

Duke01, Uncommon Nasa, Steroid Stereo

The global scale of hip hop's reach has me wondering if the Staten Island to Nottingham, UK connection has happened before the release of Duke01 and Uncommon Nasa's Steroid Stereo record. Does a Wu-Tang affiliate record exist prior to this moment? I'm not about to revisit the Think Differently Music record just to fact check. Let's assume this is breaking new ground.

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Steroid Stereo breaks international bread, as Staten Island's Uncommon Nasa exported his experimental production to Nottingham for the consumption of Duke01. The result is a blend of the proto-rap movement within the New York underground with the incisive candor of UK grime. Duke01 thinks like an underground rapper, paranoid of conspiracies and militant in his principles, but he cannot escape his accent, nor should he try. The unofficial member of this crew is Furious P, who adds a turntablism texture to every track. The foundation feels like “Independent as Fuck” in '97, but Steroid Stereo would never have been possible were it not for the technology of the future.

Stream Steroid Stereo on Uncommon Nasa's Bandcamp.

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