Dwarr and the magic of 1984

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When 1984 started, I was three. I turned four midway through, and if I would have had a better understanding of the world, I would have thought there was no way in hell that I'd make it to see five.

Examples include:

1. The film Class of 1984 (which actually came out in 1982).

2. The “Night Stalker” killing his first victim.

3. Everything Reagan said and did. Especially this.

If you look at the highlights and lowlights of the year, it reads more like what you'd expect 2012 to go like. War, famine, drugs, and all sorts of other assorted unhappy things took place in the year that just so happened to be the one that George Orwell chose to name his iconic dystopian after.

Duane Warr also created the album Starting Over (Drag City) in 1984, and there are no better words to explain it other than saying that it is the most 1984 sounding record I've ever heard. We're talking totally burnt out and Southern fried stuff that sounds like the Melvins channeling Goblin while the entire world literally falls apart around them.

Dwarr, “Screams of Terror”