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Earl Boykins

The succinct and thrashing single is a DIY art unto itself, that upstate New Yorkers Earl Boykins have conquered and nailed with valor. Dropping the singles three-minute plus recent singles of “Doves“, and “Leggy Blondes“; “Planet” picks you up and spins you around the solar systems in one minute and thirty seconds time without overstaying it's galactic noise welcome. From their Friends cassette that sees release tomorrow, March 25 via Bandcamp; the band named after the infamous five feet five inches point guard has celebration plans going down at their release show on March 27 at Brooklyn's Shea Stadium with Dead Waves, Flagland, and Luxury Condos.

“Planet” buzzes with the rocket fueled amped feedback that hurdles electric guitar comets from different worlds, between inhabited planets, existences and private domains. The lads that lay claim to the influence of “Bruce Springsteen's sweat” bring the repeated 'not-of-your-world' bravado with, “It's your planet, not really on it, just being honest, it's beautiful.” With heavy hooks and chords that bring their upstate NY digs closer to the sound of today's indie Seattle; Earl Boykins fits in a tight economy of attitude that is not concerned with style or reeks of revivalism. “Planet” is the break away moment of ditching the anxiety of crowds and unwanted presences to break boards with the bros at a skateboard or loiter at a nearby favorite parking lot. People, places and cities are roped into a metaphor of planets, where escape is the key in lyrics like,”got to leave this town”, where the self-righteous decree is stated in “This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us” terms.

The Earl Boykins boys and myself put our heads together in the following group huddle, where we dive into the under two minutes of fun that is “Planet”, the report from upstate New York, stories about getting laid in New Paltz, and more.

Describe for us the making of the barely minute and half rocket fueled glory that is, “Planet”.

Noah came in with a basis for the song idea, and after about two minutes we had the song done. We worked on the Vocals / Lyrics for a while ultimately leaving it open to interpretation as a song about earth day. Our resident deity Chris Daly also came up with the idea for the backing vocals in the second half of the song.

How do you all feel about the release of your upcoming record?

It invokes a feeling of true Serenity. We recorded it back in October with deity, good friend, and master of his craft Chris Daly at Salvation Recording in New Paltz, NY. Were super stoked to finally let someone else hear it, We've been sitting on this baby for a while.

Favorite memories from the recording sessions?

Main Street Bistro in New Paltz, Mcdonalds Ice Coffee, and lots of Shitty Kitties.

Best upstate NY parties, house parties that you all have been to lately?

Not too long ago, we were playing a house party in New Paltz, NY. We (the band) decided to make our drink of choice box wine for the night, and we couldn't handle the box. The show was wonderfully messy, and there were not only ladies in the front of the crowd, but for the first time ever, one of us actually got laid after a show.

What inspired you guys to name yourselves after the Houston's Rockets player and one of the NBA's shortest players?

I was sitting in my freshman dorm playing NBA LIVE 07 with our OG drummer Jordan Disco James. At the time Earl Boykins was a member of the Milwaukee Bucks, and during an intense mid day match Earl B dropped 45 points on me. When the game was done we both looked at each other and said, “Earl Boykins would make a great band name wouldn't it?” The rest was history.

What NBA teams are you all into right now?


How are all tour March Madness brackets holding up?

Sadly I have not been following this year but I am a true believer in the Stephen F Austin State Lumberjacks, as well as the regional bad boys over at the University of Albany (They know how to party!)

Spring/summer plans for Earl Boykins ?

After the release, we have a bunch of shows lined up with some super dope nasty bands for April. We are also currently beginning to book a tour for the end of May to help promote the album. Finally we have a bunch of incredibly different new jams in the works, and we are planning to go back in the Studio sometime soon to record again, we are thinking of doing a 6 song EP.

Catch Earl Boykins' Friends cassette release show at Brooklyn's Shea Stadium, March 27 with Dead Waves, Flagland, and Luxury Condos. Details on the following flier.

Earl Boykins' Friends will be available on cassette March 25 via Bandcamp.