Earring, “Black Chalk”

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The people at Fire Talk Records have a definite soft spot for tremendously heavy sound, demonstrated by recent releases from the likes of Advaeta, Dreamcrusher, Isn’t Ours, and now, Chicago rippers Earring.

Their first single, entitled “Black Chalk”, out November 6, features tremors chugging along to a basic but potent rhythm, which only intensifies as it progresses. Lo-fi guitar tones map out the melody like boulders tumbling down a mineshaft, while another, more distant fuzz appears and showers the entire collapse in pebbles and speckled dust. Reverb lathes the vocals—evoking a ghostly figure calling down to those buried in the rubble—while the thumping toms and cymbal crashes resonate from below, shifting rock to find the source of their saviors.

“Black Chalk” appears on Tunn Star, due out early 2016. Earring is on tour.

29 Michigan City, IN at Mickey’s
30 Detroit, MI at 749 W Grand Blvd
31 Toronto, Ontario at Smiling Buddah

03 Boston, MA at Out of The Blue
04 Turner Falls, MA at Rendevous
06 Bard College, NY at Smog
07 New York, NY at Elvis Guesthouse
09 Baltimore, MD at Holy Frijoles
10 Pittsburgh, PA at Gooski’s
11 Columbus, OH at Space Bar
12 Athens, OH at Smiling Skull
13 Cincinnati, OH at The Yacht Club
14 Indianapolis, IN at General Public Collective