EDMONDSON, "Meanwhile"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Have you ever heard something so out of the ordinary and fresh, you can’t even begin to describe the sheer joy of experiencing sounds so different than the everyday mundane? That’s what one listen to EDMONDSON induces.
Coming in just a little over four minutes, EDMONDSON’s “Meanwhile” feels like music from another universe, churning out poetic quirks and delicate melodic structures. Between polished piano runs and carefully executed vocals, the track pulls us along an unpredictable journey, but EDMONDSON ensures that the destination is a necessary one. It is David Bowie in a blender, with sprinklings of Vulfpeck, Gabriel Kahane, and Yann Tiersen. For these reasons and influences, it is a challenge to even find a niche for the two brothers (Robert and Jack) that make up EDMONDSON. While the brothers wrote their debut album over the course of two summers spent in California, their father Tod brewed up the horn arrangements from his homebase of Hollywood, FL. The family dynamic results in a deeper connection within the music– while their lives may change, the music is filtered and expressed with the overarching theme of strength and enduring love.

EDMONDSON’s debut album, Strange Durations, is out 4/15 via Elestial Sound. Keep up