Eric Copeland freaks the doo-wop

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Eric Copeland

We've had a special fondness for 50's nostalgia fed through lo-fi aesthetics this year, so naturally we're stoked on Eric Copeland of Black Dice trying out his best Eric Burdon impersonating Howlin' Wolf impression. Copeland's Whorehouse Blues 7″ is sounding like either the long overdue update to “House Of The Rising Sun” or the next song to find its way into an unsettling David Lynch scene that involves a cathouse, ducttape and lipsynching for three and a half minutes (hands off True Blood producers).

“UFOs Over Vampire City” reads like the next big flopbuster film in the vein of Cowboys vs. Aliens, but sounds like the hot collar anxiety of sitting at the bar in a whorehouse, trying to play it cool. Man, we need a sticky vacation in New Orleans and a copy of this 7″ for the road.

Eric Copeland, “UFOs Over Vampire City”

Eric Copeland's Whorehouse Blues 7″ is out now on Post Present Medium.