Umberto steps into a dream

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Umberto, <i>Welcome to the Chillzone</i>

You may know Umberto as the project that split a 7-inch with CVLTS, (that's how I do). Turns out dude is a real life weaver of dream-zonked long-play synth tracts.

The sinewy stuff on his latest, Welcome to the Chillzone, combines anesthetized synth repetition and Suspiria dread, as perfectly cleaned and quantized droplets of synth sequence scatter into the dour, looped void. The release is available next week on Solid Melts in a limited edition of 150 cassettes. The whole thing is actually one long-form piece, cut down the middle at the 10-minute mark. Here's the first half:

Umberto, “Welcome to the Chillzone” (Side A)