Essaie Pas, “Préliminaires Mix”

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A duo until death do them part, Essaie Pas is Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau. While the project formed in the summer of 2010, their work has largely been inspired by Montreal winters and finding creative ways to fight off the cold in an office building that doubled as their home. In those nights Davidson would run through the empty corridors listening to techno and ital disco, finding inspiration in the freedom of a vacant space. Essaie Pas’ recently released Demain est une autre nuit closes with “la chute”, a crawling synth production of electronic body music. It’s a track that’s origin is written in many versions across Essaie Pas’ “Préliminaires Mix”.

Sensual and sleazy, “la chute” is inspired by European synth music of the 70’s and 80’s. The group collected some of their favorite tracks from this era for a mix that sets an epicurean mood. Below is a statement from Essaie Pas regarding their mix.

Préliminaires means foreplay in French. This is a romantic mixtape for lovers. A carefully selected mix of 70’s and 80’s european sleazy tracks.This is the kind of music that inspired us our song “La chute”. Dim the lights, turn on the heat, don’t stop the fan.
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Préliminaires Mix tracklisting:
01 Ashra – Tropical Heat
02 Double Fantasy – Universal Avenue
03 Glenn – Zeit
04 Edi Angelillo – Lontana e irraggiungibile
05 Flavia Fortunato – Se tu vuoi
06 Peru – East Mountain
07 Art Of Noise – Love Beat
08 Michael Bundt – Neon
09 Christophe – La dolce vita
10 Yello – Of Course I’m Lying
11 Sade – Is It A Crime
12 Viktor Lazlo – Backdoor Man
13 Colin Towns – Kate

Essaie Pas’ Demain est une autre nuit is out now on DFA Records and streaming on Bandcamp.