Euglossine, “Complex Playground”

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Euglossine comes out of the Elestial Sound world but his glitchy synthy smooth jazz space pop is also a perfect fit for Beer on the Rug, which is releasing his latest record. Beer on the Rug exists in the eye of the internet information sorm, where everything can be approached with beginner’s mind. By rebooting and rebranding smooth jazz tropes as vaporwave, labels such as Beer on the Rug trick us into reevaluating sounds we have been trained to malign. On tracks like “Complex Playground”, Euglossine incorporates smooth jazz and 80’s fusion into brightly colored instrumental compositions imbued with a playful sense of humor.

According to Euglossine producer Tristan Whitehill, it’s an “ancient robot symphony conducted with prog guitar and cute alien cats! crystal harvest in an acorn. a billion abstract shapes singing a love song to the color pink. a waterslide made up of sugar. pat metheny finally looks in the mirror and laughs about how he looks like mel gibsons sister, subsequently scores a snes game called “Funny Head Time.””

The art for the tape was done by Eye Bodega and the digital download is accompanied by a power point presentation on Smooth Jazz & MIDI, written entirely in Comic Sans.