Exray's, “Yellow Light”

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The San Francisco based lo-fi electronica pop duo, Exray's couldn't ride that “our song was in the Facebook movie” wave forever (well, maybe if it guaranteed them a cut of every powerplay Zuckerberg makes). Who knows, maybe the SF duo made Fincher and Reznor pay top dollar for “Hesitation”? In the name of creation, Exray's carried on with last year's self-titled album. In June Exray's will release its Trust A Robot album on cassette with SF-based label Howells Transmittor.

We imagine Exray's are plum sick of the Facebook talk, so let's get to the meat of “Yellow Light”, which is far less claustrophobic than when we last heard Exray's. The name suggests a brighter future, but Exray's are still riddled with the same dystopian obsessions that consumed Philiip K. Dick and William S. Burroughs. The song shimmers a bit, but the vocals are hollowed-out to let the laser synths permeate the broadcast. On “Yellow Light” Exray's suggest that even the flower power of the Bay Area is susceptible to the oppressive demands of a sci-fi future realized.

Exray's Trust A Robot is out June 26 on Howells Transmittor.