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Fish Eye is part of Moscow's Post-Materialists, who are releasing a new record on their own Post-Materialization Music label in summer 2012, a 7-inch single of the song we met them through, “Moist Rita”. You can contact him through their BandCamp page. All bands on this list belong to the so-called “Do It Yourself” culture. They release their albums in limited editions on small (sometimes their own) labels world-wide, and they perform music in art galleries or in basement-based clubs all around Russia and Europe.

Do I Like Gilgamesh?

<strong>Do I Like Gilgamesh

is a pseudo psych-folk duo from the deep holes of the Moscow suburbs. Influenced by Finnish folk music and the late 60s British psychedelic scene, Misha Shishkin and Leva Gankin make really weird, sometimes idiotic, sometimes overly serious music about birds, woods and naked girls with animal heads. Using lots of bells and flutes, they construct ambient landscapes with samples from traditional Russian songs and various animal sounds. It reminds me of a schizophrenic trip into the woods where madmen sit on trees, scream, laugh and terribly play their hand-made instruments. Magical and ironic music.

Asian Women on the Telephone

Asian Women On The Telephone comes to us from Moscow's night-sky dream. A devilish and mystical afro-beat collective without human faces but with strange architectural masks. Their Dada rock style is very monotone, chaotic and junky. Their performances are hypnotic and mind-destroying like an autistic family dance party. There are buzzing guitars, screamingvoices, mechanical legs, maniacal eyeballs, angry drums and a silence that still sounds really loud. AWOTT are also one of the favorite Russian bands outside the border. They made a really exploding tour in the U.S. last year and are planning another one soon.

My Aprils

My Aprils is the full package with their brand of obscured heavy tunes. Formed 2007 in Moscow, these guys transform their music year after year from (non)primitive grunge to amazing and disasterous noise rock. Like Sonic Youth but on heavy drugs. Their lyrics fly between nightmares and cruel reality. Violence and mystery are in every song.

“Kiss Your Children for the Night”
by My Aprils

“I kiss your children for the night,
From time to time I use your wife.
You have a beautiful daughter!
But you will not see her again…
And she called me “Father”.
They called me “Father”.
I kiss your children for the night,
Have you kissing somebody for the night?”

These particular lyrics remind me of a detective story as written by David Lynch.

Anton, the leader of My Aprils says, “It’s just humor. Dump of sounds. We are [not] serious.” So let’s scream along with these guys in their nightmare world!

Arabian Horses

According to their website, Arabian Horses are dueling with death. But I can tell you that their weapons against death are not as standard and usual as you can imagine. Using only guitar and one tom-drum, they create a big wall of slow-beat droning rock that destroys the dark forces of our souls. This music should have been used in long ago Egyptian rituals. Really slow and really crazy.


The last band I want to tell you about is Serdtseder. Probably the most “normal” band on this list. Humanity music, humanity lyrics and humanity faces. No theater, no fantasies and no nightmares. Just proto/post rock’n’roll with (anti)social absurd lyrics that no one understands.