DJ Dingo Susi, Never EP

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DJ Dingo Susi

While the Dracula Horse discography mostly consists of Brandon Biondo solo albums and side projects like COOLRUNNINGS and WALSH beat tapes, it's always worth a gander, even if only to double check that the latest album is not another Biondo alias. In the case of DJ Dingo Susi, it is the post-punk vibrations of Benjamin Wild.

How the DJ in the moniker comes into play is still a mystery, as the contents on his Never EP seek the shadowplay of dystopian post-punk. He sings like a cold-disaffected European, which suggests that he might not be another Tennessee-based rotating member of COOLRUNNINGS with a side project. The Never EP operates in that bridge between the late 70s and early 80s as Joy Division bled into New Order and Human League bled into Gary Numan. DJ Dingo Susi cooly plays selector of influence, but the Never EP does not suffer from lineage. If one views the soothsayings of Numan to be fulfilled, then reminders are necessary in order to keep the message moving through space and time.

The Never EP is also streaming on DJ Dingo Susi's Bandcamp and available at a name your price value.