Factor honors grandfather through hip hop

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Factor is a Canadian producer who has overcome his Canuckness to produce records for Busdriver, Pigeon John, Sole and Aesop Rock. His sophomore record infuses melodic psychedelia and folk over the hard knock hip hop drums.

Factor's record Lawson Graham is an ode to his grandfather, who was an owner of rad cardigans and loved to be photographed in train yards. Lawson Graham can hardly be considered a solo record. Beyond the guest vocal appearances by a plethora of mostly Canadian and west coast rappers, the album is rich with live instrumentation that make Lawson Graham feel far more organic than the average hip hop record.

The collaborative nature of Lawson Graham gives the impression that Factor is more of an organizer or composer than a push-button beatmaker. Factor is rarely alone in his compositions, holing up for minimal interludes, but he seems to have a knack for optimizing the creativity of his collaborators.

Lawson Graham is out now on Fake Four Inc.

Factor, “Oh Oh Andy” (Feat. Nomad)

Factor, “More Than Love” (feat. Kirby Dominant)