Ariel Pink gets a new band

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Ariel Pink with Added Pizzazz cover

Ariel Pink's “new band” does not replace the one he is currently touring with, it merely adds a new 5-track 12″ EP to sell during Haunted Graffiti's shows.

The release was recorded by the folks behind Vas Deferens Organization and released by their label Free Dope and Fucking in the Streets, and includes session work from a team of professionals who play instruments like the vibraphone, the trombone, and “bowed cymbals.” That's right, you are listening to some kind of alternative cool jazz. Not the kind Miles Davis invented, also not quite what you hear in dentist's offices, unless your dentist sucks nitrous oxide and cleans his own teeth with dry martinis.

This isn't the first time VDO and Ariel Pink have collaborated, but it does look to veer heavily towards the Pink on this go-around, rather than towards the vas deferens that is Shits and Giggles.

The first song floating is this hazy soft funk ballad “In The Heat of the Night”.

Ariel Pink and Added Pizzaz, “In the Heat of the Night”

Maybe this is actually a cover of this:

Do this funky number next:

Ariel Pink and Added Pizzazz track list
Side A
01 In The Heat Of The Night
02 Vapor Trailer
03 Hot Body Rub

Side B
01 19
02 I M NN7