Fat Tony & Tom Cruz, Double Dragon Mixtape

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I haven't played Double Dragon the video game, but I imagine that Fat Tony raps like nerds play it: with tons of combos and kicks. So why not show how fucking vicious he is by getting his buddy Tom Cruz to produce an entire mixtape based around Double Dragon samples? Fat Tony and Tom Cruz just about KO'ed everyone around them with the idea.

Tom Cruz's beats aren't nearly as eight bit as you think they'd be. Instead, they're luscious, boisterous and bleepin'. The bass lurches and oozes from Cruz's production, but the Double Dragon samples themselves are what makes everything about the songs on the mixtape so heroic. It's sorta like how Guiles Theme MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER. This is where Fat Tony comes into play, slyly ripping it up. Fat Tony's verses can be boasting on “Inventory,” personal manifestos on “Denim Guinness Boys”, or contemplative on “Bad Habits” (which features Bun B and Nick Diamonds from Islands.) Permanently blazed duo Main Attrakionz are featured on final track, “Double Up” and round out things in their cool, and easy flows like only they can do.

Fat Tony is dropping his full length debut, Smart Ass Black Boy, in September from Young One Records. You can stream Double Dragon below or download it here