Levek, “Black Mold Grow”

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Back in 2010 Gainsville’s David Levesque, aka Levek, (now residing in St. Augustine) hit us with the EP Look On the Bright Side that sounded like Bill Withers getting baked with Bibio while listening to Martin Denny’s Hypnotique. If that sounds like something that strikes your fancy then you’ll most likely dig the first sample off his forthcoming debut.

“Black Mold Grow” really whips the mind into the jazz-infused funk of the ‘70s à la, say, The Books’ The Way Out. I doubt anyone who reads Impose listens to that much FM radio beyond local hip-hop stations, so it’s safe to say you can now get your slow groove kicks from a source outside of your parents’ basemented cassette and vinyl collections. While Levesque’s pipes here are comparable to The Carpenters’, this jam isn’t for your Baby Boomer pops and moms. But you might be able to turn them on.

Look a Little Closer drops September 25 via Lefse.