Fear of Men, “Mosaic”

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Fear of Men

Across the ocean, the pure hearts of Fear of Men are breaking into pieces and cooing through the cracks. The London-Brighton quartet recently released a new single, “Mosaic,” in a series destined to be re-packaged in next year’s Fear of Men compilation, Early Fragments. With a title hinting at a new beginning and tied to their latest number, Fear of Men may be on the brink in “Mosaic,” but they sing of the edge with a saccharine detachment. “Mosaic” urges an unnamed lover to tear them apart, echoing the sentiment of Joy Division’s most famous number, sung by the Cranberries’ virginal cousin.

But the sugar cane snaps with some creepy-crawler “feed on your insides” imagery that combines heartache with a neurotic undertone, TV static disrupting the dream and a thick thump anchoring the song firmly in your gut, where a hidden dagger soon hits.

Too Pure Records will release “Mosaic” as a limited edition blue vinyl 7” single on October 15.