Felly – Bad Radio

Post Author: John Warlick

Rising producer-artist is a jack of all trades on latest LP

With collaborations under his belt spanning from production geniuses like Monte Booker to bona fide stars like Jack Harlow, Felly‘s rap sheet has him come across like the kind of guy who can do anything. Having freshly departed from venerated rap label 300, the producer-artist’s new LP Bad Radio plays in part like a celebration of him being free to do just that. It’s simultaneously an easy-streaming indie pop album and a journal full of surprises.

Far from his previous hip-hop work but not divorced from its laid-back tone, “Bad Radio” and “no tears left to cry” (not an Ariana Grande cover, despite the identical typeface) sound a bit like Cage The Elephant if they were a decade younger and made bedroom pop in Mac DeMarco’s studio. Meanwhile, lower-tempo cuts like “Mirror” might showcase the uniqueness of Felly’s laid-back sound even better, pitting the artist’s diaristic writing against lattice guitar work and gauzy atmospherics. Altogether, Bad Radio showcases an intriguingly pan-genre sensibility that’s well worth keeping an eye on. Give it a spin below.