Redbud – “Kin”

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

Austin quartet shares breezy, soulful slice of indie pop

Rising up from the always bustling, diverse music scene in Austin is Redbud. Originally the solo vehicle of Katie Claghorn, the now-quartet crafts sparkling psychic gems blurred seamlessly with breezy soul-pop. Like a paintbrush swirling in water or sunlight reflecting off a rushing stream, the band’s sound offers equal parts new, classic, invigorating, inviting.

Redbud now has a new EP on the way, Long Night, and along with that announcement comes single “Kin.”

“The lyrics to ‘Kin’ came from a poem my older sister wrote in her first year of college,” Claghorn shares. “She was coming into herself and seeing the world around her with a fresh pair of eyes. Now an independent adult at a university thousands of miles away from home, she could make what she wanted of the world.

“Her words struck me as wholesome, the kind of neuro-pathway I want to maintain in my own brain. Her realization at this young, impressionable age was that the world is wondrous and full of movement and discovery and it dawned on her that she wanted to be a part of it all. She was saying, I choose adventure, I want to create, participate, and contribute.”

Listen to “Kin” below and look for Long Night out on February 24th via Good Eye Records.